God My Peace

•January 24, 2012 • Leave a Comment

His grace has built my frame
Strength & faith like mortar took form
Trouble shall rage as an angry sea
That beast, Fear can seek me God speaks to my heart in the day
He whispers to my spirit as I dream
The incredible He has establish
The impossible He has performed
The magnificent my life shall reveal
Peacefully I remain, and unshakeable

My Obsession

•January 24, 2012 • Leave a Comment

Knitted into every fibre of my being 

Arousing an intense passionate craving in my flesh 

Kindleling an insatiable thirst within my soul 

Igniting a consuming flame of desire upon my heart.

Let me have you least I faint from this hunger 

To taste from the sweetness of your lips do I desire 

And ravish your body like a ferocious wolf upon its prey 

For I must feast upon your love to live.

This addiction places me between sanity and madness 

My obsession for you grows in our separation 

No remedy can anesthetize the pain 

To drink ceaselessly from your heart is my only redemption.